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Oscar Vega Releases His Latest Single, Lucy - Merging Top Hip-Hop Contenders For a Sound of His Own

Oscar Vega Releases His Latest Single, Lucy! Courtesy Photo

Oscar Vega Releases His Latest Single, Lucy! Courtesy Photo

Originally from Woodbridge, Virginia, Oscar Vega has a sound that combines a few heavy-hitters today that many will enjoy. Listening to his single, "Lucy", it lays the foundation and sets the tone for the rest of the album - emotional, honest, yet gritty. With a voice similar to Miguel, trans intros and draws like The Weeknd with a hint of Kanye in his earlier days, Oscar Vega caters to the masses with this single.

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

"I am hungry for success and to spread good music because my areas taste of music is very materialistic and ugly. I hope to change this. I value quality over quantity," states Vega. "My music can be emotionally charged but can also be very fun. I have very creative ideas and usually the songs have much deeper meaning or double meanings like with Lucy.."

Released last month, "Lucy" has a groove that is undeniable - smooth and is easily a banger.

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