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Brett Randell Releases His Latest EP, "Rise"

Brett Randell! Courtesy of Scott McCormick

Brett Randell! Courtesy of Scott McCormick


With a genuine love for music Brett Randell is a true artist in his own right. Randell recently released his latest EP, "Rise", which highlights his soul and funk vibe and just what makes him unique. Brett has worked on Italian vineyards, Turkish farms, hitchhiked across countries, and played from rooftops in Istanbul to ancient streets in Croatia, seasides in Olympos to radio stations in Athens. 

I found a few singles on the EP simply irresistible and very interesting. "The Waitress" screams Jason Mraz. Just a man and his guitar, this single definitely sums up his sound of easy going and care free and sheds light on his talent in terms of not needing to 'do the most' to get noticed. The overall sound of this album is perfectly captured in this single. 

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

The overall album is an emotional journey, albeit too short, listeners can actually fall in love with the artist himself as he enters through a stage of vulnerability. The tone of this album oozes innocence and that is showcased through the writing. Each single seems to be about a lesson at one point in time. In "Ghost" Brett sings, "Under my heart, a river is winding. The current sometimes to strong. The ghost of your love is always inside me, no matter how far...water moves on." Full of thought provoking lyrics this single engages the listener and enables to listener to create their own stories and versions of the songs. 

Randell has collaborated with cellist Christopher Rains, pianist Wilyum Jerome, and drummer Music Read,  Pete Francis of the famous alternative band, Dispatch and many more. “Rise” is now released on iTunes, Spotify, and all digital outlets. Stay tuned for a global tour in Summer 2016. 

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