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Bryan Deister Releases His Latest, "Spines of the Heart"

"Spines of the Heart" by Bryan Deister. Courtesy Photo

"Spines of the Heart" by Bryan Deister. Courtesy Photo

Originally from Redondo Beach, CA Bryan Deister has an album that is simply ambitious and reminiscent of classic artists such as Kurt Cobain and Passion Pit. Recently released his latest 2 Disc Album of 23 songs entitled "Spines of the Heart", Deister is quickly garnishing attention.

Creating content is a mix of vulnerability and relating to your audience. Deister attempts to do just that in his latest album as it is full of dark moments filled with emotions. The overall single is a lot of melodic beats that are similar to Renaissance times. I found that the lyrics in each of the singles were not necessary in my opinion. The darkness of the tone overtakes the melody and, in my opinion, does not compliment the singles. 

Currently Deister is at Berklee College of Music, and keeping up his Writing and Composition Scholarship. "Hopefully after Berklee I will continue to improve in all facets and be able to write interesting music without starving."

"Silent Screams" is a little different from the others that are on the album so far. Still very cookie - cutter and very retro with the lyrics and simplicity of the beats, however, there is something about this single that sticks out from the others as minuscule as it may be. 

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