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Totemic Brings the Fire With His Latest, "Falling"

Be sure to grab the EP, which is out on May 17th! Courtesy photo

Be sure to grab the EP, which is out on May 17th! Courtesy photo

In today's society there are a copious amount of DJ's that take over the scene. From nightlife in Las Vegas and Los Angeles to wild nights in Miami the talent and vision is always on the rise. Well, there is a new DJ that takes an innovative and intriguing approach to the term 'DJ'. From tribal beats to the inclusion of violins, Doug Penny of Totemic is brilliantly bringing the fire with his latest EP, "Falling".

Out May 17, 2016 you can expect to hear an interesting and refreshing blend of music that caters to the needs of various crowds. Using drums, bass, deep bass, and violin - the best to summarize his sound may be 'electroacoustic'.

The opening of the single, "Falling", is almost toxic. Imagine the sounds of tribal mixed in with Nintendo beats (circa early 90s), it is difficult for me to 'NOT' like Totemic.

Other notable singles on the EP, "Falling", is "Static Blitz" - and it is EVERYTHING! What I find interesting is how Totemic flawlessly blends the harmonies of a soft violin with EDM..

With festival season upon us Totemic needs to be on everyone's radar! Originally from Toronto, Totemic is quickly garnishing the attention of many world renowned DJs around the world and has performed at some of the most respected festivals in Eastern Canada including Harvest, All Stars, OM and Solstice three years in a row. Don't be surprised if you hear Calvin Harris, Zedd, or even David Guetta collaborate with this individual.

Totemic delivers plenty of mystical moments with hard cutting fades and drops in his debut, "Falling" - definitely check it out!

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