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Detroit Rapper, Enea, Releases His Latest Single "21" on his "Accept Me" EP

Enea Brings an Interesting Twist to Rap. Courtesy Photo

Enea Brings an Interesting Twist to Rap. Courtesy Photo

Detroit based rapper Enea recently released is latest mixtape "Accept Me" and his single "21" is receiving major accolades. Turning heads since the young age of 8, Enea, has some great star quality. 

The album as a whole seems a bit lacking despite what is portrayed in "21". The opener "Run Em Tracks", is your typical mixtape opener as does not seem like a solid track to grab the attention of its listeners. "Melody" takes it up a notch. Very Eminem-ish, this single is filled with catchy lyrics and puns similar to Childish Gambino which does keep my attention longer than the previous single. 

Recently Released, "21", is a Fun Single - Just in Time for Springtime! Courtesy Photo

Recently Released, "21", is a Fun Single - Just in Time for Springtime! Courtesy Photo

To be honest, "21" surprised me. The song started out with dry monologue of what I thought would carry into the song, within seconds the mood instantly switched. Knowing that the single is titled "21", it resonates back to when I was 21 and even having some of the similar thoughts that are portrayed in the song. The upbeat melody and playful lyrics is a take on entering into 'adulthood'. "21 in mamas house I really gotta go..21 years of age ain't never felt so old..21 in my pocket, what the f*ck I'm waiting for", are just a few lines of the chorus. 

All in all Enea has an interesting style which incorporates classic rap styles mixed with new age simple beats.

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Click HERE to listen to the full "Accept Me" mixtape.

1. Intro (Run Em Tracks) Prod. By The Synthesis

2. Melody Ft. Liz Naylor Prod. By AfterTone

3. Fall Back Prod. By Audiplex

4. Bad Habbits Prod. By Nuwave

5. Don't Follow Prod. By Chysty

6. The Rest Prod. By Soul Clap Beatworks

7. NEGATIVE Ft. Reeko & J Howw Prod. By Kajmir Beats

8. Interlude (The Great Escape)

9. I Chose Prod. By Scarecrow Beats

10. BETTER Prod. By AT Beats

11. Errythang Prod. By Steve Vicious

12. CLAP Prod. By Silver Kid Beats

13. Apple Pie Prod. By Y3 Muzik

14. This Well Prod. By ThisIsTwig

15. Hate Love Prod. By FlashBeats

16. Franco Ft. Josey Dope Prod By GenoXO

17. Outro (Not Much) Prod. By Nate Rhoads

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