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Eric Anders Releases His Latest, Eleven Nine

Eric Anders Releases His Latest 'Anti-Trump' Album, Eleven Nine. Courtesy Photo

Eric Anders Releases His Latest 'Anti-Trump' Album, Eleven Nine. Courtesy Photo

With the outrage still in full force for Donald Trump as the new-elected US President weighing down on many US citizens, Eric Anders has decided to do something about it. Anders recently released his anti-Trump album, Eleven Nine, and its giving people something to talk about.

It's a fearful time in the world we live in. Where America is no longer 'the land of the free,' the place that many of us call 'home,' is no longer a home. Health, benefits, and overall well-being for the LGBT community, individuals of 'different' religious beliefs and practices, women, and people of color are no longer being treated as humans, and Anders felt that something needed to be done.

Produced by Matt Brown (Trespassers William) and features guitarists Jeff Fielder (Mark Lanegan) and Tyler Nuffer - the best part of this album is that he is donating 100% of the proceeds to Lambda Legal in order to help fund the resistance.

Lambda Legal Partners with Eric Anders 'Anti-Trump' Album! Courtesy Photo

Lambda Legal Partners with Eric Anders 'Anti-Trump' Album! Courtesy Photo

"Our nation is facing an extremist takeover by people who don’t believe in the fundamental rights of LGBT people and people living with HIV. Lambda Legal knows how to hold the line when civil rights are under attack. Founded in 1973, Lambda Legal knows how to fight the government in the courts when the other branches are hostile, having successfully done so in the past." --- Lambda Legal

The album discusses topics that are very much relevant today, in a guitar stricken and charismatic way. With song titles such as: How Long and Why, Looking Forward to Your Fall, Who'll Stop the Rain, it comes as no surprise as the message that is trying to be conveyed through this particular album. The lyricsm in the album opener, 'A Man For No Season' states,

"A man for no season

Our headless stain

A chauvinist's treason

United we'll fall

With these travesties of state"

The above lyrics clearly speak to his thoughts during this current presidency. Although the subject matter is a tad heavy in the remainder of the album, it's an easy listen. Fans will enjoy the solid and undeniable truths within the lyrics - that are not 'alternative facts.'

Click HERE to take a listen and let us know what you think!

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