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Latest Obsession - Pat Campo Releases His Latest, "Clouds in My Head" Today

Pat Campo released his latest CD, "Clouds in my Head" today! Check it out! Courtesy Photo

Pat Campo released his latest CD, "Clouds in my Head" today! Check it out! Courtesy Photo

Similar to All American Rejects, Walk The Moon, and Foo Fighters, Los Angeles based rock band, Pat Campo, releases its latest CD "Clouds in my Head" on March 11th. 

Over the years Pat Campo has been named one of Music Connection's Top 100 Unsigned Artist of 2012 as well as KROQ Battle of the Bands, and is definitely one worth listening too.

One Last Time is very uptempo circa early 90s. This may or may not be Paul Rudd's theme song in the famous movie "Clueless". It's a fun mix of eclectic sounds with very clear cookie cutter lyrics and is a mix of rock and pop.

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Given the dark lyrics, "Self Destruction" can best be described as someone who has given up on life; the message is conveyed through what may seem as an 'uptempo' beat. Much like life, dark feelings are mainly hid behind a smile. For me, i found that interesting to translate that feeling musically. Even in the opening line, "Keep this to yourself", the meaning is clear. Further into the song, "Drown with me into liquid corruption - welcome self-destruction. There's no need for no more liver function - welcome self-destruction."

An artist of many talents, Pat Campo, truly engages his creativity and it shines in and out of his music. Similar to Sia's train of thinking, he has created an alter-ego of himself, in puppet form. Reasoning: so listeners truly become captivated within the music and not based on appearance but more so about the talent. When asked, Pat will regularly say, "sure, people can find my picture online, and there's no harm in that. That's just not what I'm selling.”  

 Staying true to his fan base as well as himself Pat Campo is set to release a full length LP titled "Clouds in my Head,” in the spring of 2016, along with more independently produced music videos.

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

The entire CD was produced by Pat Campo and a few singles can be heard HERE!

Full tracklisting for "Clouds in My Head":  

1. Something’s Peeking

2. Self Destruction

3. One Last Time

4. Without Me


6. Wake Me Up

7. 95% 

8. If You Go

9. Belong

10. Going Home

11. Retalia Websites

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