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Chameleon Technology Releases His Latest - Blank Canvas

Chameleon Technology! Courtesy Photo

Chameleon Technology! Courtesy Photo

Hailing from Costa Mesa, California Chameleon Technology has released it's latest EP, "Blank Canvas". Chameleon Technology is a one-man-show type of band that is composed of Max Histrionic on vocals and guitars.  Stirring up the pot as an punk artist with progressive metal tendencies Chameleon Technology's newly released EP, "Blank Canvas" puts a few items on display that were not showcased on his previous music. 

The first single "No Safe Word" has a solid guitar solo that sets the tone for the remainder of the album. The second single, Serins Vending, is a tune worth giving a second listen. At first hear it is almost too aggressive and almost combative. However, after listening again, I can see how the various mix of sounds complement each other. 

One interesting fact about this EP is the delivery of the high-quality audio of real bass and drums that are synced with live action video of Histrionic performing both instruments and somehow projected next to him playing guitar and singing live. 

The One Man Show! Courtesy Photo

The One Man Show! Courtesy Photo

The melody and lyrical ability are almost reminiscent to that of No Doubt, circa "Tragic Kingdom" with notes of Green Day. On this EP listeners will see a dark, personally/socially aware lyrical themes and aggressive punk, metal and industrial music showcased throughout. 

Although it may not be my favorite, it did change the way I view aggressive/punk music and I feel as if you are on the 'fence' about this genre of music and if it speaks to you - give it a shot. 

Watch the brand new music video for "Blank Canvas", directed by Exit House Films and let us know your thoughts! 


1. No Safe Word

2. Serin's Vending

3. Lifestyle Science

4. Self Repair

5. Blank Canvas

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