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Psychedelic Dreamer Spencer Sabo, of "Mind The Journey", Recently Released His Latest - Color in the Gray Machine

Spencer Sabo from "Mind The Journey". Courtesy Photo

Spencer Sabo from "Mind The Journey". Courtesy Photo

Spencer Sabo from the the rock/pop band, "Mind The Journey" recently released its album, "Color In The Gray Machine". With a sound similar to Tame Impala, Sabo is pretty much a one man show. His range of talent displayed with this album is unmatched and will leave you a fan. 

Hailing from Connecticut, Sabo created his first 12-track album "Color in the Gray Machine" entirely in his basement studio in BostonThe overall album has got to be one of the most creative albums i've heard in a while. In terms of musicality, lyrics, and meaning - message conveyed within is 'key' to me!

For starters singles such as: "Interdimensional Romance", served as a pleasant surprise. The musicality of the overall single is joyous mixed with a bit of tranquility. The next single"Dancing on the Sun" seems the purpose is to break up the album a bit. Listening to the album straight through is completely unpredictable as the sounds and creations are remarkably different.

The opening of "Rose Colored Glasses" is the epitome of a garage jam session, and immediately seems to be 'all over the place', however give it  Once the song gets into its grove then it was well worth the wait. This single is one of my favorites as it caters to many needs. The interesting mix of sounds and tempo definitely sticks out from the rest. It's a groove and while it may be lacking lyrically it is easily masked by the beats, and the soul of this single.

"Boats" seems to take a completely different direction to the songs that we have been listening to on this album. In this instance, change is good. In this single, it takes a soft approach to the meat of the song. Almost like a love ballet, it starts of gentle and sweet. "I've grown and died inside for you baby," but quickly changes gears by the following lyrics: "I can not see the open water without boats inside the frame. You're just a muse, i'm unamused (I know) my thoughts are insane. When worlds collide I know we are safe, we can wander into space." The meaning of this song, for myself, is uncertainty and i think that is what makes it such a beautiful thing.

This album was produced by Spencer Sabo in his makeshift basement studio and mastered by Tom Waltz.

Be sure to check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

His Album, "Color in the Gray Machine" was recently released! Check it out! Courtesy Photo

His Album, "Color in the Gray Machine" was recently released! Check it out! Courtesy Photo

"Color in the Gray Machine" Track Listing:

1. Falling Asleep
2. Desserts
3. Interdimensional Romance
4. Dancing On The Sun
5. Oneironaut (Interlude)
6. Rose Colored Glasses
7. Dream Demon
8. Atmintis (Pass The Haze)
9. Egophoria
10. Boats
11. Noise Gate
12. Delta Wave

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