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Dak Releases His Latest, "2 Face" - Delivering Unapologetic Word Play and Lyricism

The Album "2Face" is a Must Listen! Courtesy Photo

The Album "2Face" is a Must Listen! Courtesy Photo

Los Angeles has a plethora of talent, and hip-hop artist Dak (Kyle Donald), is one of them. Mixing spoken word with undertones of hip hop it is difficult to not completely loose yourself and become enamored with Dak. Various of levels of artistry and talent can be seen on his latest EP, "2Face". 

With similarity to top moguls who are killing it in the hip hop industry such as Kendrick Lamar, Dak delivers a sound that has easily become a fan favorite. 

Opening single, "Distracted", features the soft beautiful vocals of Brenna Feeney mixed with alluring rap runs of Dak. The two together deliver a powerful attention grabbing banger. 

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

"Save a Life", has catchy lyrics to the tune of Childish Gambino. "I'm still enjoying the poison, for puerilely enjoyment, you're welcomed to join in if your joints are ready to take the hit", The runs and wordplay are brilliant. 

He produces and mixes his own work in addition to writing all the lyrics. Fans will love his latest EP,“2Face”, as it combines the sound a few of the top music moguls all on one album. Dak unapologetically speaks about pressing and controversial issues on this album, listeners will get a better sense of him as an individual as well as an artist. The delivery of lyricism as well as the infusing of contemporary mass and R&B make a non-traditional take on hip-hop.

Another single, "Draining Me" has sounds similar to that of Yeezus himself- take a listen and let us know your thoughts!

"2 Face" Tracklisting:

1. Distracted
2. Draining Me
3. Save a Life
4. For Myself (feat. Schwa)
5. Pain and the Pleasure
6. The Audition

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