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Bryson Green - Go Green: Seasons

Atlanta native hip-hop artist, Bryson Green, is delivering a unique project that seems to reconnect to the world through his craft. "Go Green: Seasons" is the unique concept he created and he will be releasing a song a week for the entire year -- listeners can expect to hear a evolving artist that is transforming right before you. 

With influencers such as Kanye West, Bob Marley, J. Cole, and Stevie Wonder, Greens' talent is effortless. The 2nd single of the project, "Fallen Stars" has recently been released. The opening opens to tranquility, almost similar to something "The Weeknd" would produce. Quickly the tempo is picked up and the rest is history. With lyrics such as "Give us peace" and "I got knocked down but i come back i might run around but I run back," this song captivates human emotion, falling short, and the progression of overcoming. 

Green is talented and is a PERFORMER! He's already played the highly acclaimed festival: South By South West as well as A3C Hip Hop Festival. The first single was released on April 22nd, check back each week for additional singles to be released - It will be interesting to see the evolution as the rest of the project is unveiled. 

Check it out on either: Amazon Music, GooglePlay, & iHeartRadio and let us know your thoughts!

During the month tenure Bryson will be releasing 5 songs off his compilation “Go Green: the Seasons”
“Fallen Stars” Release Date: 4/29/16
“Some More” Release Date: 5/6/16
“Get It” Release Date: 5/13/16
“I Believe” accompanied by music video Release Date: 5/20/16
“Icarus” Release Date: 5/27/16

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