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The Dose - A New Brand of Rock and Roll

The Dose - A New Brand of Rock and Roll. Courtesy Photo

The Dose - A New Brand of Rock and Roll. Courtesy Photo

Composed of Indio Downey [vocals/guitar] and Ralph Alexander [drums/bass], the rock 'n' roll duo - The Dose, quickly realized their destiny by accident after a gig in their native Los Angeles, CA. Through trials and tribulations they were able to reveal their true selfs, while delivering sound that is quite unique. Filled with alternative poetry, blues rawness, and progressively metallic intricacy, The Dose is is one rock 'n' roll duo you need to put on your radar. 

Their self-titled EP was recorded and self-produced at Welcome To 1979 and Jack White’s Third Man Records, muscular riffs, double-fisted drumming, and entrancing vocals drive these six songs. When asked about the bands name they answered: “It’s a play on words,” explains Ralph. “In Spanish, ‘Dos’ means two. At the same time, you’re getting a dose of our brand of rock ‘n’ roll.” “We want people to get excited about this kind of music again,” concludes Indio. 

With a quick residency at Hotel Cafe, Identify LA got the chance to catch up on them and hear their inspirations, advice, and goals for the year ahead. 

Check out the video for their single, "Cold Hands". Courtesy Photo

Check out the video for their single, "Cold Hands". Courtesy Photo

The following has been edited for continuity purposes.

Identify LA: Can you take me through the process of writing this album? Is there a story behind the songs  that are on it?

Ralph: We formed the band in late August when we flew to Atlanta to start our initial rehearsals. We spent one consecutive month in a lockout working on material every day until we had six solid songs. The theme of the album is definitely open for interpretation but a couple through lines are over coming depression, letting time answer your questions, fear of one’s past catching up to them and being  in love.

IdentifyLA: Who would you say have been your greatest musical inspirations of the artists that have inspired you most to pursue this career?

Indio: The Entrance Band, Royal Blood, The Dead Weather, The Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, The Sword and Wolfmother. 

IdentifyLA: What is the best advice you've received about being in the music business and making music people want to listen to?

Indio: Be who you are off stage and on stage. 

IdentifyLA: Who would you say are the artists making music today you most admire? And on that same note, who would you most like to collaborate? 

Indio: Jack White.

IdentifyLA: There are some major contenders in rock and roll (as with any genre of music), what makes yours sound unique?

Ralph: We're able to create three of four piece sounding songs with just two people. 

IdentifyLA: You have a residency at Hotel Cafe. What was it like playing there? What emotions were you feeling? 

Ralph: Our first two shows were electric and the second two were acoustic. We played the secondary stage which is a lovely seated venue. It seemed that with every show the crowd doubled which is inspiring. It gave us a chance to experiment with our acoustic sound.

IdentifyLA What's next?

Indio: We are in the process of recording an album and excited to go on some tour dates opening for Bush. 

Check out the video for "Cold Hands" below and check it on iTunes HERE!

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