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Los Angeles Based Ramsey Releases Her Latest, "See You Bleed"

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Located right here in the 'City of Angles', artist Ramsey has just released her latest single, "See You Bleed".

Powerful, transient, yet infused with electronic, "See You Bleed" paints the perfect picture for a chill Sunday afternoon. With a voice that is uncharted and unmatched this single caters to the masses and has something both soul/pop listeners will like as well as EDM listeners can enjoy. An infusion of a range of vocals similar to Amy Winehouse the melodic intoxicating musicality of Ramsey also dons undertones of Glass Animals, which instantly makes her a fan favorite.

With a raspy voice that is slightly intrenching with emotions its difficult to not get drawn in to Ramsey. "See You Bleed" is the embodiment of talent and a true testimony to her range as an artist. A writer and producer of her own work Ramsey is definitely an 'artist to watch'. 

What do you think? Is this a song you can identify with - let us know in the comments!

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