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Port of Est. Releases Their Latest Single, Clash

Formed in 2013, Port of Est. combines various forms to make their own. The creativity of vocalist Hannah Tarkinson and producer Todd Kitchens is refreshing and needless to say edgy. Taking a chance on crating a unique spin, Port of Est, combines hip hop, electronic, pop, folk, and indie rock to create a sound that we all have come to know. 

When asked about their sound Kitchens explained, “It took us about a year to figure out how to work together in a way that respected each other's tastes, and most importantly respected the music and where it wanted to go.” Continuing to evolve this duo has vocals similar to Lana Del Rey and melodies of Phantogram. Their new single, 'Clash', takes it back to where it all started in their signature electronic pop sound. "We want people to feel like they stumbled upon a sonic landscape that is both subtle and blindingly intense," the duo explains.

Their latest, 'Clash', is different to say the least. It has a time warp feel to it as it is a mix of beats from various genres. Lacking in the depth and complexity of lyrics the mixture and combination of drums, trans, and EDM keeps this single above water. Not particularly their best work, in my opinion, yet deserving of a few replays. It's everything you can imagine, it's moody and luminous and at the same time whimsical and light.

Check out the video for their previous single 'Valentine in My Headphone' below and let us know what you think!




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