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Saint Blasphemer Releases Their Latest, "Simon Templar"

The Faces Behind, 'Saint Blasphemer.' Courtesy Photo

The Faces Behind, 'Saint Blasphemer.' Courtesy Photo

Originally from Santa Ana, California, Saint Blasphemer recently released their 5 track EP, Simon Templar.This EP serves as a teaser for their fanbase. Listeners can expect to hear a variety of styles that pay homage to their talent. Lyrics such as "I'll let them wonder from time to town to town" leads into an intensity in music from the single Simon Templar. The flow of the instrumentals were spot on for this single, the verbiage of this single was also very selling. This single isn't their strongest in my opinion however listeners will enjoy the remaining of the tracks. The lyricism comes at no surprise since most of the writing comes from Thomas Monroe, who is head of the Orange County Poetry Club. Striking lyrics such as: "I wanna fall, I want to be human. Come down from this mountain, take my hand if you wanna stand," also stands out. 

The hardcore rocker will enjoy the single, "Scarecrow." The hard hitting opening is what will draw listeners in. It not only sets the tone for their EP but it also stands constant throughout. The band's philosophy is: "Remember when you were a kid, how a song could make you feel like you weren't the only one going through something? Our goal is to make music that can do that for other people." The EP delivers the message of dealing with the struggle of addiction and loss of those who suffer from addiction. Whether individually or not, I think all of us can somehow relate as we may have had friends or family members dealing with this struggle. The cohesiveness of the album is another selling point of the EP.  


1. Nullify (Explicit)

2. Simon Templar

3. Scarecrow

4. A Perfect Rose

5. Breaking Just to Bend




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