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From London to LA - Fades Releases Their Self Titled Album on March 11th

From London to LA Fades will be releasing their self titled EP on March 11th. Courtesy Photo

From London to LA Fades will be releasing their self titled EP on March 11th. Courtesy Photo

Making some major headway from London, comes a pop/rock band Fades. Composed of Joshua Woo, Alessandro Melchior, Lucas Mendes, James Dibble, and Keir Adamson, the band is a mix of eclectic and upbeat melodies with interesting lyrics. Their self-titled EP, which is produced by Massimo Rispoli and FADES, will be released on March 11th. 

"Breaking Through the Walls" is the first single on the album and pretty much sums up the bands 'sound. At first listen I was not 100% fond of this single, however, after a few listens it grows on you and I can see why it has been the most played single.

"Been Away Too Long" has a nice opener, that almost seems hard-hitting and amazing. However, as the song goes on the heightened sensation quickly fades away. 

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Fades changes gears in their single,"Before My Eyes". Similar to Artic Monkeys, the song changes back and forth with tempos and keeps it interesting for the listener. "Everybody Knows", is the last single on the album. The single is played with little instrument and truly completes the EP. Only six songs on this EP but it definitely gives listeners a good taste of the many layers and levels as to what they are capable of.

This band reminds me of Silverlake. They have the chill vibe as well as a sense of mystery, which is intriguing when that sensation transpires through their music. 

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