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Priory - Discusses The Meaning to 'Life Is Beautiful'

Many are heading to the desert for a weekend full of chaotic mayhem. Music, culinary, learning, art and more will soon take over Downtown Las Vegas. Known as Life is Beautiful, this 3 day festival is garnishing the looks of hopefuls worldwide. Before we take off for a weekend full of bliss, I had the chance of catching up with the dynamic duo, otherwise known as 'Priory', a unique duo that infuses modern rock with melodic pop.

Brandon Rush and Kyle Sears, originally from Portland, Oregon literally gave up everything to pursue their dreams. "It was really scary to give up everything, but there was no other way for us," Priory exclaimed.

Fresh off of tour with The Kooks, Rush and Sears discussed what 'Life Is Beautiful' means to them as well as where they see themselves going. Read below and see just why we adore these two so much.

The following has been edited for continuity purposes. 

Q: What are you guys most excited about performing at Life Is Beautiful?

Priory: Sharing the stage with Kanye West. 

Q: Any acts you are most excited about catching at Life Is Beautiful?

Priory: We are really excited about seeing Lionel Richie first and foremost. Also can't wait to catch Kanye, Outkast and Phantogram. 

Q: What does 'Life is Beautiful' mean to you?

Priory: Being in a bus with our best friends to tour around the country. Life doesn't get much more beautiful than that. 

Q: Just came off tour with The Kooks, what was that like?  

Priory: The case of a really solid US Fanbase. They were great guys and so fun to hang out with.

Q: Best part of that tour?

Priory: Our favorite part of The Kooks tour was playing the Wiltern in Los Angeles and having a sold out crowd sing along to our single 'Weekend.'

Q: Any quirky thing that you do before hitting the stage?

Priory: Brandon likes to have a beer and Kyle likes to have a whiskey. Vocal warm-up is super important to us. We also push each other around to try to get psyched up. We do early 90's Chicago Bulls "what time is it" game time, that we read before we play.  

Q: Best part of performing? 

Priory: When the crowd is having fun. The interaction between them and us is our favorite part. 

Q: How does it feel to be where you are now?

Priory: We're having the time of our lives, but to be honest we are moving so fast right now it's hard to have time to contemplate it at all.

Q: What is it about Priory, that you think, makes people resonate with you guys?

Priory: We make music that we want to make. I feel like people can tell when that's being done. We go out of our way to make sure that everyone is included. Life's a party and everyone's invited.

Q: Artists that you both would like to collaborate with?

Priory: I think be really cool to collaborate with Garden City and Donkey Boy. Tove Lo would also be great.

Q: Future tours/what's next?

Priory: If everything goes right, we will be touring for the rest of our lives

You can also see Priory play at Dover Beach, BRB on July 5th and also on July 18th in Portland, Oregon


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