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The Foundation of: Colony House

A baseball player, a firefighter, and a rock artist were the childhood dreams of this upbeat- pop infused with indie-rock trio, Colony House. Creating music that resonates with everyone, the emotions and unapologetically diverse music displayed is pure genius and will have you question your own introspection.

Colony House, originally form Nashville, Tennessee, is composed of lead singer Caleb Chapman, Will Chapman on the drums, and Scott Mills on the guitar. Having just released their debut LP, 'When I Was Younger' [which hit #3 on Billboard Heatseekers Chart, and #7 on iTunes Alt-Rock charts] last July, this trio is a force to be reckoned with. 

What makes this trio the ultimate trifecta? Well, aside form their undeniable talent, their humility is beyond engaging and extremely contagious. "Being an artist is a weird thing, it is not normal and you are constantly putting personal subject matter to the world to judge, states Colony House frontman Caleb Chapman. The important thing we are trying to make goals and make improvements, it doesn't matter how big you get but it is really healthy to always push yourself and make the most of it while appreciating where we are."

Their hit single, "Silhouettes" garnished the title of '#1 played track on Sirius XM's Alt Nation' and it is very  inadvertently will heighten your senses. To put it simply, 'Silhouettes' combines their vibrant harmony and upbeat instrumentals while painting nothing less than a picturesque picture overflowing with raw lyrics that everyone can agree with. "Silhouettes is a steady reminder not to allow the dark moments in life to overshadow all the beautiful ones", says frontman Caleb Chapman in a recent interview.   

Through an accidental leak from a sound cloud link at Lightning 100, a local radio station, an uncut, unpolished version of "Silhouettes" played on the radio for the first time. "It's a weird feeling hearing your song on the radio, you never want to be 'that' guy, says guitarist Scott Mills. [It's] like you want to say something about it, but you don't, almost as if someone caught you with your pants down." 

"Being a part of Colony House has been really encouraging-to believe in something and see it start to happen, says Scott. We are literally living the dream right now and I think it's sweeter because it's with my best friends, and it feels like we turned this hobby into a job. What we get to do is so unique we are meeting different people with different stories and it is life changing, adds Caleb."

The term 'artist to watch' has become an well over-saturated and over-used term, but in all seriousness, Colony House surpasses any and all of those expectations. In case you need any other reason to check them out and love them, check out their performance on 'The Late Show with Seth Meyers.

Day by day, tour by tour, Colony House is building a solid foundation. Currently Colony House is wrapping up being on tour with The Kongos and will also play June 18-21  Dover, DE at Firefly Music Festival 

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