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Drew Mac - New and Improved, but Still ChicAF

When it comes to reality television the world quickly gravitated to Rich Kids of Beverly Hills! So much so that one of the main stars, EJ Johnson, got his spinoff, EJNYC. Besides all of the glitz and glam and downright fabulous ensembles everyone noticed a specific person, EJ's right hand lady, his sister - Drew Mac.

Mac may look familiar to some as he has had his dose of stardom in the past. With his drop dead gorgeous looks, clothing, circle of friends he appears to have it all and he's pretty much a 'boss as* b*tch' and is downright chicAF according to his instagram. However this past year the world took note to his honesty, after struggling with addiction he made the bold choice to better himself by checking into rehab.

"Rehab was one of the best experiences of my life.  I have learned how to not only get sober, but love myself and be grateful for every day," Mac stated. "I have an almost overwhelming amount of love and support from friends and family during and after I went into treatment.  I don't think my experience would have been the same without them in my life."  

With the new years having passed he is reinventing himself and starting the year more focused than ever." For 2017, I feel like I am a new person, and my resolution is to focus on my mental health, and continue to explore my creativity and love for music," explains Mac. His new single, Again, is released on iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal, and things are looking up for the star. "Each one of my songs that I write has a special meaning. I write from personal experiences in my own life, it's like a form of therapy for myself," explains Mac. "'Again' is about an ex coming back into your life, and even after they completely f*cked with your head and messed things up in the past, you let them back in, and fall for it all over again," states Mac. "

The song, for obvious reasons, strikes a chord and touches home as it's a feeling we all know too well. Featuring one of his favorite bands, EXES, the single shares their story and definitely resonates with its listeners.

As an individual he has stated that his life has evolved immensely. He was once living in a state of full on anxiety and now he has learned to enjoy life in a healthy way. To say he is now "grateful" and we are proud of him for choosing "life" would be an understatement. Mac shares his advice for anyone struggling with addiction, "ASK FOR HELP! I tried many times to handle my addictions on my own, and its simply impossible. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise.  It will save your life." We simply can't wait for more music from Mr. Drew Mac! You are your own biggest investment and your life is a reflection of that. Cheers to a successful year ahead!

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