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Overheard at BottleRock Napa Valley - Our Top Culinary Highlights

You can only wonder what happens when you have over 120,000 attendees in one massive space filled to the brim with delicious Michelin-Star chef, vintners, brewers, and not to mention world-renowned musicians! BottleRock Napa Valley held its fifth installment this past weekend and we can only warn you - prepare your palette!

BottleRock could be deemed as 'foodie-heaven.' With an array of flavors, aromas, and culinary geniuses vying for the attention of many - it can get a little overwhelming. We've compiled our favorite moments from things '#overheardatBottleRock' and our top highlights from the incredible weekend in Napa Valley!

The temperature wasn't the only thing heating up in BottleRock Napa Valley over the weekend! The Williams Sonoma Culinary Stage garnished the attention of many more attendees than its previous years. Guests were able to watch their favorite musicians team up with top chefs for the ultimate mash-up and cooking installments. Martha Stewart and Ryan Lewis and Mackelmore, Warren G and Adam Richman, and more!

Guns and Liquid Nitrogen Roses:

Richard Blais teamed up with Tory Belleci of Myth Busters and Matt Sorum of Guns and Roses, for an entertaining session. The Top Chef vet vied for the hearts of the people in the crowd and also made a hilarious reference to another hit television show, The Bachelor while freezing nitrogen roses and tossing them in the crowd. Which he quickly called them, 'Guns and Liquid Nitrogen Roses!'

With many Michelin-Star chefs on site, we've compiled a few of our favorite 'moments' with everyone devouring savory bites over the weekend that were too good not to share!

Love at First Bite:

"You have to try these sliders. I literally took a bite, looked at it, and asked if it wanted to be in a relationship. Maybe I'm taking it too fast." (on her love for Me So Hungry Too.)

Almost Too Instagrammable to Eat:

"It's almost too pretty to eat!" (On her instagrammable pot stickers from iTani Ramen.)

About NOT GAF About Summer ....Summer Who:

"I'm so torn, should I get 'The Elvis Sundae' or 'The 420 Sundae?' I want everything - maybe I'll stick with The 420 Sundae!" (On deciding between desserts at Humphry Slocombe BottleRock!

I Have Zero Bills to Pay:

"Worth every penny! The best lobster roll I have had! The brioche bread was a nice touch and it was actually FULL of lobster!" (On being pleasantly surprised on the amount of fresh lobster in the lobster roll from Cousins Maine Lobster!) 

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