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Jonathan Stinson: Global Trendsetter That Should be a Part of Your Squad

Jonathan Stinson of Relevant Relations PR with Kendall Jenner. Courtesy Photo

Jonathan Stinson of Relevant Relations PR with Kendall Jenner. Courtesy Photo

Breaking into the entertainment industry is without a doubt tough; but when it comes to breaking into the entertainment industry and staying relevant well that seems almost impossible. However, Jonathan Stinson of Relevant Relations PR, a global full-service public relations agency, has managed to mix and mingle with the top influencers in the business.

With offices in Los Angeles, Soho Manhattan, and New Orleans, Stinson is successfully working with campaigns such as Sober is Sexy and #INMYSKINIWIN and continues to raise the bar for his brand and his clients. He's been spotted with everyone from Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner to Jessica Alba and Alessandra Ambrosio this global trendsetter is the definition of squad goals. Recently he spoke with IdentifyLA to discuss his success, expansion, and tips for making it in the industry.

IdentifyLA: What initially put you on peoples radar? 

Jonathan Stinson: I appreciate you saying I am relevant because my job is to make sure my clients are relevant, not myself but I will take it (he jokes). However, one moment that stands out as a time I felt my hard work paid off is when my client, Supermodel Shaun Ross and I were flown to NYC for a 24 hour period for him to speak at the United Nations Headquarters. Joined by the Ambassador of Tanzania, Africa and Canada, the panel discussion was in regard to a film, "The Boy from Geita", and the equality for Albinism in Africa. This was a highlight of my career and it felt overwhelming to have his wonderful family sitting next to me during this sensitive yet empowering moment of change. Activism in the media is something I am always inspired to support. 

IDLA: You're pretty much the epitome of working globally/bi-coastal, what benefit does this serve to your clients/your brand?

JS: Thank you, I travel from Los Angeles to NYC, and New Orleans most of the time. It's great for being in a constant flow with friends, family and colleagues in each city, but enjoy visiting Europe to maintain a relevant market for my clients. It's exciting to have an office in Los Angeles and New Orleans to truly be bi-coastal. Among that, the restaurants and cultural differences make me fall in love each time and awaken me to the diversity of our world. I am known for throwing my clients and friends epic birthday parties around the world! We have a major one coming up in May on a gorgeous rooftop overlooking the city of New Orleans. Stay tuned...! 

IDLA: LA and NYC are known to be THE top two markets when it comes to fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment PR, (in the US,) how did you succeed?

JS: I spent seven years in Los Angeles and one in NYC and learned a lot about the industry while meeting the top tastemakers in the world. I owe a huge part of my success to many professionals globally who movivated me either with personal advice or by watching them create beautiful work. All of my favorite publications are located in NYC and LA, however a new film market is growing in New Orleans and I find it fascinating to be a part of the forefront of new industry while expanding Relevant Relations to the south. In this new digital age of social media, it's about being worth watching, and having a narrative worth producing. Creative content can be done anywhere in the world and create global impact. 

Stinson Cozies Up with the Lovely Alessandra Ambrosio. Courtesy Photo

Stinson Cozies Up with the Lovely Alessandra Ambrosio. Courtesy Photo

IDLA: You've managed to mix and mingle with some of Hollywood's most sought after - how do you find balance? 

JS: My balance is family. I speak to my younger brother, Josh, who is a Chemical Engineer and he humbles me every single day with his humor as well as his beautiful wife, Shelby who is also an artist. (find her work here) My father builds houses and he has such an incredible mind, seeing his visions come to life is really magical to watch. My mother is my light and she keeps my fire burning every day, without her humbling and positive energy I would never be able to remain grounded in the entertainment media aspect of work. I think genuine gratitude is the key to success. My family is my life. 

IDLA:Tips for being successful in PR/best advice you've received and from whom? 

JS: Always be genuine with your intentions and really find the beauty in your clients. Only work with people who inspire you. Best advice I have ever gotten was "supporting another's success doesn't dampen yours" - I find that a lot of Industry leaders forget sometimes that you need to focus more on respect, admiration and gratitude. 

IDLA: Who are your icons? 

JS: This is a question asked a lot in interviews. Most Grammy and Oscar winners thank God. However, I want to thank someone who is just as important to me as "God" and has always been the rock of my family and never made me feel inferior to anyone. My PawPaw! My grandfather's integrity can be felt when he walks in a room, everyone feels his loving energy. He will forever be someone I admire and respect. He inspired me to chase my dreams.

IDLA: How did you become the Men's Editor of Groomed LA? 

JS: I met the Editor In Chief, Emily Wagner and emailed her. She amazed me with all of her projects, and I began freelance writing for her. After that, she promoted me to Men's Editor for Groomed LA, and I am so grateful to be a part of this platform. We have a huge surprise for our viewers, so keep up with me and you will see my face there in the next few months. 

IDLA: What organizations are you currently a part of? 

JS: I have been spending a lot of time in New Orleans, LA, which is one of my favorite cities in the states, and recently a best friend of mine, Collin, introduced me to Youth Run Nola which benefits underprivileged kids in New Orleans. I am on the committee and it gives me such pride to help with this years marathon. It is on March 18th, I hope to see everyone at Crescent Park NOLA bright and early. You can register to race with us HERE.

Taking Over the Industry. Courtesy Photo

Taking Over the Industry. Courtesy Photo

More Info About Jonathan Stinson:

Jonathan Stinson graduated from the University of Mississippi with honors, Bachelors of Business Administration with a major in Marketing and a double minor in Public Relations and Communications. With the dream to move to Los Angeles, his first career was with EMC | Bowery in West Hollywood working with ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” After many years of industry advice and knowledge he Founded Relevant Relations PR. The company currently works with supermodels, actors, INC 500 CEO’s, NFL athletes, independent and feature films to international fashion brands and charities. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and New Orleans, LA."

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