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Gem the App - Effortlessly Connecting Brands With Influencers


One of the hottest entertainment apps to hit the market is finally available on the Apple Store. GEM, which stands for Global Entertainment Matrix, connects local, national and international businesses directly with influencers and their teams to book him/ her for social media campaigns, endorsements, appearances and other influcencer marketing bookings. This easy to use on-demand booking app is safe and trusted with a 100% money-back guarantee if all deal points are not successfully completed. GEM has already been featured in Variety and Daily Mail alongside music heavyweights, Will.i.Am and Martin Garrix. Identify LA had the chance to meet up with CEO of GEM, Jeff Jones who is based in NYC, to ask a few questions about this game-changing app. 

IdentifyLA: When did the app officially launch?

Jeff Jones: Co-Founder & Co-CEO Sam Zipp and I officially launched this spring on the first day of SXSW, which was March 10th. However, we have been working consistently to keep GEM up to date with over 50 new versions since 2014 when this idea was conceptualized.

IDLA: Did you feel that there was a niche that needed to be filled/what inspired you to launch the app to connect businesses with influencers/celebs?

JJ: Sam Zipp has a keen eye when it comes to Entertainment booking due to his career background as a music manager and marketing guru. My expertise in business development stems from years as the right hand to the CEO of an INC. 500 beverage company, which sparked my interest in direct business to influencer relationships. With the industry continuously evolving, I see a major shift towards influencer marketing and its impact in today’s society. GEM connects businesses and influencers (and management teams) by ensuring a trusted payment gateway and releases funds once all previously negotiated deal points are successfully completed. GEM’s platform is more trusted than simple email exchange and 100% guarantees the financial obligation is met. 

IDLA: What has been the feedback? Success rate?

JJ: GEM’s analytics reports are showing us that influencers and their respected teams want to work directly with brands, business owners, and venues quicker through a trusted pre-screened platform to avoid time wasting or dishonest exchanges.

IDLA: How does the app help filter the right celeb for their targeted demographic/audience.

JJ: The filter section is actually quite simple for both businesses and influencers. Businesses can filter based on type of influencer, number of followers, interests and charities while the influencer can choose the type of business ideals they want to advertise.

IDLA: How does using the app help connecting with influencers verses just reaching out to the influencer directly?

JJ: GEM allows influencers to monetize their fan base while creating a value for businesses as the influencers’ fans also represent the outlined GEM business sector customers. This cross channel demographic is the formula that makes GEM a success. Business owners have limited access to booking talent. However these businesses are aware of the impact entertainment marketing has on their customers and potential new customers. GEM makes this a simple transaction between both parties. 

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