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Carus Recovery Center - A New Approach to Wellness

Tucked away in the hills overlooking the hectic city of Los Angeles, a peaceful road to recovery lies. Located in Tarzana Carus Recovery Center provides a peaceful Zen environment to ensure patients successfully embark on their journey to wellness and recovery.

Carus Recovery, an experienced drug and rehab center in Los Angeles, operates a full-service residential program for alcohol and drug abuse, co-occurring disorders, and other unhealthy behaviors that keep you from living the life you want. In doing so, they provide the perfect oasis and guidance in order to assist in the growing and healing process. Although the facility has only been open since June, they are taking a 'new age' strategic yet proactive approach to wellness.

Led by Heather Meyer (clinical director), Jeromy Rutter (program director), and Tina Marie Gonzales (program coordinator,) along with two counselors and a therapist, its the staff that truly create the foundation and make Carus Recovery thrive and succeed as one of the leading recovery center. Their upscale residential process restores the mind, body, and soul using a detox program in conjunction with the guidance of their licensed and caring staff.

"I've found my calling by working here at Carus. We have top of the line individuals that genuinely care about the well-being of each and every individual," states Gonzales. "I think that is what matters most in getting clean and leading a truly fulfilled life. It's challenging but it is very rewarding."

The staff is client focused, treatment focused and is 100% authentic. Carus is one of the few treatment programs in the LA area that have developed a 'new age' system when it comes to detoxing. The best part is, there is a program based on every individual need that will provide individuals with the confidence that comes with freedom from chemical dependence. Their approach to detox are medically sound and goal oriented cohesive programs geared to aide participants to a clearer and healthy path.

"We use a different approach to wellness," states Rutter. "We understand and know the importance of the 12-step-program, but we have a lot of other methods that have worked for our patients. Here, at Carus, we have a range of activities for our patients to enjoy. What gets them excited? What helps them fill that 'void' from the substance abuse?"

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Group Therapy, Equine Therapy, Art Therapy, Experiential Movement Therapy, Yoga Therapy, and Rock-n-Roll Therapy are just a few of the many programs offered at Carus Recovery. The benefits of various therapy programs differ. While some trigger thought patterns, they all provide balance and can be therapeutic.

In addition to the wonderful grounds of Carus, their upscale program offers additional amenities:

-Delicious meals, catered to suit any dietary need
-Peaceful natural surroundings to stimulate the mind and soothe the senses
-Tastefully decorated semi-private rooms and lounge areas that encourage fellowship between residents
-A focus on physical health and wellness, including a yoga program and fitness equipment
-Quick access to nearby dining and entertainment
-Personal time that helps you relax and reflect on your recovery journey

Healing is the primary focus and together Carus provides the perfect combination to address every element of addiction recovery. From getting clean to forming healthy thought patterns and rebuilding damaged relationships Carus is there every step of the way. The intimate facility wants you to succeed and provides you with a strong seamless support system to serve as guidance.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction and is in need of a fresh start, please consider reaching out to Carus Recovery Center at (877) 225-7724.

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