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Director Denis Villeneuve Creates Cinematic Magic with Arrival

Amy Adams in the film,  Arrival.  Photo Credit: Venice Film Festival

Amy Adams in the film, Arrival. Photo Credit: Venice Film Festival

The cinematic output in the filmmaking industry is compelling. Over the years there have been films that have strive to not only enhance the viewers perspective but also discuss pressing issues. Recently Arrival’s Amy Adams, director Denis Villeneuve, producer Shawn Levy, and screenwriter Eric Heisserer attended a special screening of their highly-anticipated film, which is part of the 2016 Variety and AARP Movies for Grownups Screening Series.

With Eric Heisserer as the screenwriter, Arrival is directed by Denis Villeneuve and produced by Shawn Levy. Denis Villeneuve happens to have a roster of over 15 films as a director. So it's with no surprise that his film, Arrival, follows the same brilliance as his previous films. 

The theme, tone, and storytelling of the film will make each viewer sit back and reflect. “We came out three days after the election. Now more than ever, with those fears, it’s championing," discusses Shawn Levy. "It’s about overcoming the fear of “other” – the search for unifying needs. That’s the theme of the movie.”

Storytelling is a powerful tool and the film, Arrival, which stars Amy Adams, does just that. Think about the classic hit films, 'Aliens.' The films challenged viewers by keeping them engaged using special effects that were 'new' and before it's time. It gave viewers a chance to escape and embrace change. The film Arrival, does a great job on switching the roles and creating a 'softer approach' into the increasingly intriguing question, 'what if.'

“As an actor, you prepare a backstory that supports the story you believe the character has," discusses Amy Adams. Ultimately when you’re working with something like that, you have to develop trust. I just trusted Denis so much. Everyone just loved him and took the journey together. It was an exercise of trust.”

Villeneuve isn't the only one with an impressive roster. With films like, American Hustle, Enchanted, The Fighter under her belt, it's not surprising that Adams shined in this film as well. In a recent Q+A Adams discusses her trust with the filmmaking process.

“’It’s the moments in between.’ That’s the line that stuck with me. It changed the way I parent in some ways even. Taking more time, being more patient, spending more time with the moments in between.”

With the world at an all-time shock with the Presidential elections, Arrival, could not have come at a better time. Not to mention it is one of the most buzz-worthy films, Arrival, is one of the many films to see this year! 

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