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The Lost Poets - Album Review over Their Latest "Insubordia PT II"

While its an interesting era mastering rock and roll, or any style of music for that matter,  takes a lot of trial and error. Releasing their latest album, Insubordia PT II on  February 26th, The Lost Poets, have seemed to have done it again. 

Hailing from Sweden and now residing in Los Angeles, California, The Lost Poets is a duo composed of David Rosengren, and Petter Strömberg. The duo initially received raging reviews off of their first album, Insubordia, which released in 2014 and since have continued to garnish attention. Many found their look and sound mysterious and captivating and they even made headlines both locally and internationally.

Growing up with many rock and roll legends such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, and The Beatles filling this niche is often difficult and in some cases impossible. While I'm not stating The Lost Poets are near the before mentioned legends, they are however similar to past artists and carry the typical points of rock and roll because of the intense guitar strokes and hard hitting kick drum.

Their latest album Insubordia PT II, contains 10 singles, and is released on February 26th. Initially this album did not stick out to me, however, while listening to the lyrics and melody of the album it created a sound that was all too familiar. 

The album titled track, "Insubordia PT II, and others such as "Danny Electro", is very Queens of Stone Age style. Head banging chords with an almost monotoned and mundane style of singing, but it works for this duo.

On the other hand you have the very song and complete opposite single, "Bound". "Bound" takes me down memory lane. The soothing chords, yet so very powerful simplicity of this track makes this a favorite. This track strengthens The Lost Poets, and is a solid game changer and by far the best song on the album - in my opinion.

Just like before, this album also contains a drum less single. "Beyond Redemption", is a single that I could do without. The drum less single seems to be a hit with many and something that The Lost Duo has done before. Other singles such as "In a Wasteland" and "In Filth" are similar to other singles on the album. 

I'd like to see this band change it's style over the course of the album. Their rugged and refined style you would think, would grow on you, however, while it started strong the finishing of Insubordia PT II seems redundant and anti-climatic. 

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