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Eddy Yang Releases His Latest, Split the Night

Eddy Yang Releases His Latest, Split the Night! Courtesy Photo

Eddy Yang Releases His Latest, Split the Night! Courtesy Photo

You know the saying, you are who you hang with. Emerging artist, Eddy Yang, is an indie rock artist based in Los Angeles, and has a sound that is hard to not stereotype as being, 'So LA.'

The opening of his single, "Split the Night," is fresh out of a 90s rom-com. It has all the elements that you would look for - its emo, folk, and a surprisingly a little 'alt-nation.' I have to say, there is something reminiscent of the single and I'm a fan!

With the season 2 of Judd Apatow streaming now on Netflix, I can't help but think this song would have been the perfect addition to the series, full of hopefuls, love, confusion, and just what we all are full of when we are in our mid-late 20s. The one-man-show does it all, Eddy Yang is the vocals, guitar, beats/programming, and production.

Take a listen HERE and let us know what you think in the comments!

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