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Rhone - The High Performance Gold Fusion Athleticwear You Need in Your Fitness Wardrobe

Fashionable, High-Performance Atheticwear for Men! Courtesy Photo

Fashionable, High-Performance Atheticwear for Men! Courtesy Photo

The lovely establishment that sets the standard for working out in Los Angeles, Equinox, has finally teamed up with a brand that we can stand behind. Rhone is premium fitness apparel and premium activewear for men. The exclusive line is carried in Equinox nationwide, however there is a pop-up shop in 11 Equinox clubs across the country including four locations in LA that will be showcasing more of the incredible line!

The Rhone pop-up shops, in the LA area, are Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Westwood, and South Bay for a limited time! I had the opportunity to check out the line and dig deeper into the benefits. Their latest is using Gold Fusion technology which infuses gold particles into the brand’s highest-performance fabrics for a softer, safer, faster-drying, longer-lasting, odor-neutralizing activewear garment. 

"We see Equinox as a leader in the health & wellness space and see their member and our customer as one in the same. We have noticed that when a guy is in the health and wellness mind space,  especially in a state of the art fitness club such as Equinox, he tends to purchase higher quality items to support the active lifestyle," states Cortney Ansel, SVP of Sales & Merchandising with Rhone. "Given the premium quality of our product, and the premium clientele within Equinox, we found it to be a perfect marriage and why our partnership has been so successful since launching our wholesale relationship in 2014 in 12 stores on consignment, to now becoming an all-door partner."

Whether its high intensity cardio and climbing, or yoga, or any other activity - Rhone has got you covered. Rhone prides itself on being fashion forward as they source their materials globally to provide high performance line of activewear for men. The founding principle of Rhone is about creating a high quality yet fashionable product for its consumers that are fitting in more ways than one.

Be sure to hop in one of the locations to get your hands on some great activewear as Equinox will have the Rhone pop up until August 24th!

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