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XXIV: Living Life All In

XXIV: Living Life All In

Infusing an affordable top-tier beverage without compromising style or taste is XXIV Karat. Founded by Arizona State University alumni, Kegan Klien and Nicolas Cowherd, the two have made a undeniable product that has easily been deemed the hottest new product in the industry.

Bridging a unique concept, with a luxurious lifestyle XXIV Karat makes two variations of its sparkling wines, Grand Cuvee and Rosè which are both infused with 24 Karat gold leaf flakes. "Kegan Kline and Nicolas Cowherd did a phenomenal job in creating [a brand that is]  unique and powerful, states Dan Holland, XXIV Karat CEO, they were smart enough to create a name that has status, style, and an image that is promotable as well." 

Built off of a team that is composed of 13 employees who have over 100 years in beverage experience makes for a strong brand, a strong team, and a strong financial background- XXIV Karat is here for the long term. The brand is composed of two sparking wines the Grande Cuvée and the Rosé which are both sourced from the vineyards in Mendocino, California. 

"XXIV Karat combines bubbles with gold to really create a theater inside a bottle, it's a concept that doesn't exist within the marketplace, states Craig D'Eletto, EVP Business Development/Partner. It is something different and something unique. We don't compromise taste with style. we blend both; we are the first of our kind and the first in the US."

Targeted to those who enjoy a celebratory lifestyle as they are in the business of making memories, celebrity consumers thus far has consisted of: Big Sean, Nelly, DJ Mustard, Tyga, Flo-rida, Amber Rose, Nick Cannon, Terrel Owens. and many more.

More than a beverage XXIV Karat  is also heavily visible to the community by constantly being involved in philanthropic activities such as Unlikely Heroes and the Phoenix Children's Hospital to name a few. "XXIV Karat is a brand that builds taste, quality, style, and elegance at an affordable price so the consumer can really appreciate it, states D'Eletto. The leadership we have here is great we are all here to build a company, win together, and we all have a common goal and that is to see XXIV Karat become a household name."

XXIV Karat can be purchased at stores such as Sprouts or BevMo or you can have it shipped via high-time cellars in Costa Mesa or Liquorama in Upland, California for as low as $34.99 for Grand Cuvee or $39.99 for the Rosé.

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