Recently The Advocate, a LGBT influenced magazine printed bi-monthly, created a list of 40 influential members of the LGBT community under the age of 40 that have made a tremendous impact on the lives of LGBT people around the world through their activism. This year Mary Lambert and Gerrick Kennedy are those amongst the list. 

We had a chance to discuss their efforts as well as future projects and the importance of the LGBT community striving to make continuous progress.

Gerrick Kennedy is an award-winning music writer for the Los Angeles Times, he not only interviews A-list talent and various artists, but he also critiques their role in culture and weighs their influence on society, and pressing issues. Mary Lambert has been said to be a 'healer in a pop singers life' who also encourages people to open up and get emotional cry, and that is ok. Lambert’s powerhouse yet angelic voice offers an unflinching, unfiltered window with reality. The singer has opened up about her own experiences with mental illness, self-injury, body dysmorphia, rape, and homophobia, which ultimately has broken many barriers both melodically and within. 

Throughout the years the LGBT has been put through test after test just to prove 'their worth' and striving for equal opportunities. Now, more than ever, there are improvements and breakthrough moments that will, without a doubt, change  and impact everyone. "This has taken more time than I would have liked. There are artists like Sam Smith, who I thought would break a lot of barriers, said Kennedy. We are [as a country] behind where we should be."

Sam Smith is a male artist with amazing vocals. Many know him for his powerful song, 'Stay With Me.' It was no secret that Sam Smith was gay, when he came on the radar and rose on the charts as a chart-topping individual. Many question the thought about being openly gay and success do not come hand in hand. However, as a country that has battled and stood as one before, can not seem to be accepting of this matter. " To this day and age there is still division, why do we as individuals create these barriers that can be diminished. 

There are strong influential individuals in the music industry that have recently discussed the issues as well as the LGBT community in their songs, which have also reached chart topping heights. For starters Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' song 'Same Love', which is written by Mary Lambert, opened a lot of doors and created opportunities. This song touched lives across the globe and still continues to do so. "I think it did take a straight, white, male to talk about gay righs and have the command for people to notice, says Lambert. In my opinion I think it would be so much cooler for someone in the gay community to have that command, and visibility."  

Lamberts' next album, 'Heart on My Sleeve' is available for pre-order on iTunes.  "I want there to be a purpose, an intention, and a purpose for each song that I do, said Lambert. There are journeys that I have focused on and in this next album it is a record of my journey from the past year." 

Through influential individuals and joining all of our efforts we will all be able to make change possible.

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