In the previous week socialites have gathered at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica in honor of Social Media Week Los Angeles (SMWLA)

SMWLA is a week long discussion over various topics in order to heighten global trends that involve various forms of social media. It's more than a conversation, its a week long interactive series with some of the worlds most accomplished companies and individuals from across the globe. It's unique global platform offers and invite others to come into one space to bring together innovators to collaborate, share ideas, and experience it all together. Social Media Week happens twice a year in 24 different locations and is overall the intersection of social technology and creativity with: panels, presentations, demos, workshops, talks, and interactive events all under one roof. 

On Thursday of SMWLA the highlight was trying to get Larry King trending on Vine. Larry King is a remarkable individual that is known for being the leader in journalism and really raising the bar with his commentary, wit, charm, and knowledge of many aspects. King joked about what is there to do in life after you already achieve the 'Lifetime Achievement Award', from the Emmy's. Well, the answer is simple, to 'trend' on Vine?!

'Let's Get Larry King Trending on Vine' was an interactive panel that featured some of today's top Vine stars working with Larry (and the audience) to reveal the secrets of success on the popular short form video platform, and launch the iconic host's Vine career.  

King asked learned about all aspects of Vine including: what makes a great vine video, where it's all going, vine delivery, and more during this interactive panel.

The panel was hosted by Collab - a downtown LA-based digital studio that represents over 150 of the most popular stars on Vine, which account for 20% of all Vine traffic. (Vine recently released it does 30 billion loops per month  - Collab's creators do 6 billion of these). 

After winning multiple awards, King's plan is to 'live forever', he joked. In all seriousness maybe this was just the 'talk' he needed to get him to finally give in to the six second hilarity videos we are all subconsciously obsessing over, Vine. 

About Collab
Collab is a Los Angeles based Video Creator Development studio providing production resources and consulting to grow the audience and earnings of talented YouTube, Instagram, and Vine creators. Collab currently represents over 350 YouTube channels along with 150 of the most popular Viners, collectively receiving around 350 million views per month on Youtube and 6 billion loops per month on Vine.