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A Chat With Kat Trimarco - Turning Flaws Into Superpowers

A Chat With Kat Trimarco - Turning Flaws Into Superpowers

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In todays’ society we often overlook the importance of self-care. From meditation, taking 10-15 minutes to yourself or seeing a life coach, self-care can come in many forms! We got the opportunity to chat with Life Coach Kat Trimarco on the importance of it all!

IdentifyLA: Tell us about what you do and your why?

Kat Trimarco: I help people understand who they are as multidimensional beings, meaning, who they are on all levels of beingness - mental, emotional, energetic and, of course, physical. I feel that this was something we were never taught growing up… how to understand our inner world. And for me personally, my inner world growing up (and still!) is very rich, dynamic and effects everything that I’m doing externally in my life! Instead we were taught the physical motions to go through in life in order to attain some illusive end goal or destination. Each session with my clients is very individualized for where they are at in their journey.

IDLA: So, what is life coaching?

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KT: Life coaching is basically what I use to describe how I share my own gifts and be of service to others. For me the term life coaching feels like a label that helps me articulate to other people who I am and the work I do. In short, life coaching is teaching and providing someone guidance on understanding… LIFE!

IDLA: Why would I need a life coach?

KT: Because we can’t see our own patterns of thought and emotion. We are all operating on different programs, so to speak. Meaning we all have patterned ways of thinking, beliefs and emotional set points. These set points feel normal to us even if they aren’t serving us or helping us get to where we want to go. The power in having a coach is that they can see your patterns from an outside perspective and help you become aware of and shift patterns that are holding you back from creating your desired results. A coach is someone who is in complete service to your expansion, growth and wellbeing. It’s an incredibly transformative experience to work with a coach. I am a coach and I am usually also working with my own coach to expand and develop myself and to become aware of my inner dynamics that can be changed to help me reach my desired end results.

IDLA: Can anyone benefit and will I get results?

KT: The essential ingredient to experience benefits and results is your desire and your intention going into a coaching relationship.

IDLA: What’s the difference between coaching and counseling?

KT: I am not a counsellor, nor have I had counseling, so anything I comment on this would be speculation.

IDLA: What advice would you give about how one can find the right life coach for them?

KT: Set the intention. Decide that you want to find the right coach for you and notice what starts showing up. You’ll come across a new page on Facebook or stumble upon someone’s YouTube video that speaks to your heart. It’s important to work with someone who resonates with you on an energetic level, not just someone who is promising extravagant end results. With most coaches, you can book an initial consultation session to learn more about each other and to make sure it’s a good fit. This gives you a chance to know them better and for them to understand you and your needs. From there you can both make a decision if it’s aligned to move forward working together.

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IDLA: When you look back at your coaching history with clients, what are the common issues or goals that they raise?

KT: It changes over time. The most interesting thing happens in that I attract clients who are experiencing challenges and seeking guidance in an area that I have already worked through, sometimes only months prior. When this is the case, I’m deeply able to understand what my client is going through and help them see what’s happening inside of them and shine a light towards the growth and expansion available on the other side.

IDLA: Tell us about your services and what you offer others? How can they find you?

KT: I offer one-on-one coaching sessions and packages which are all done over the phone or internet so people can book with me no matter where in the world they live. I offer a group coaching program called Align - Master the art of following your highest calling to manifest your dreams and desires, which is currently open for enrollment. Another group coaching program I offer that launches 1-2 different times during the year is Self Approved Sex. This program is for women to tap into their unique and authentic sexual, sensual selves and discover their pleasure and desires inside and outside of the bedroom. I have an online self-study program called Reclaim Your Sex, which is designed to help you awaken your sexual energy, change your mind about sex, and learn how to feel safe and confident in your unique sexual expression.

Stay Connected:

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