Carrying the #1 spot on KROQ's 'locals only' is a tough fete! Not for this Los Angeles native band, 'Badflower', a bonafied rock band with tons of soul! Inspired by memories, ideas, people, colors, weather and basically every facet of life plays a huge part into their writing and shapes each song that is written. Effortlessly infusing meaningful storytelling, poetry, and melodic notes behind each and every song is the reason Badflower has quickly garnished the likes of many.

"It took us months to decide on the name for this band. We knew we wanted something only identifiable with us four and our music - and not with anything else, explains frontman of Badflower, Josh Katz. So it made sense to join two slightly contradictory words together to form a brand new word that only means one thing - This band, this music. "

Badflower is much more than painting the picturesque scene of four guys playing in a rock band. They are four guys playing distorted guitars with high drums that completely are chaotic and unhinged, however, in the same retrospect it is a band infused with lyrics that are mesmerizing. "We tell a lot of stories about fictitious people and situations. We like to channel the more taboo behavior and backward morals, states Badflower. It's really exciting to play out these ugly characters in our songs/on stage. To relate to people's dark sides."

"I (Josh) once blinded Joey for about week after welding him a new pedal board. And he had to play a show with eye patches on each eye. He should've put on a mask!" Whether they can see 100% or not, one thing remains the same-they will still put on a stellar show!

Badflower is playing locally in Los Angeles on Thursday, January 29th at The Satellite. 

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